I’m just finishing Future Tense by Canadian journalist Gwynne Dyer. Dyer is best known here for a documentary series called War that ran in the mid 80’s.

Future Tense proposes that the invasion of Iraq is a carefully planned step in the US’s plan to implement the Pax Americana project. Dyer contends that the American political leadership is artificially inflating the danger of terrorist attacks in order to convince the public that the US must wage war against a number of countries that do not share it’s values and ideals.

Thought provoking and compelling, Future Tense paints a gloomy picture of the “Last Superpower” waging a campaign against the United Nations in order to secure its position as the world’s policeman. Today Iraq, tomorrow Iran or North Korea. The danger that one of these “rogue nations” may unleash its nuclear arsenal should cause great concern around the world.

George Santayana once wrote “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. The Roman Empire was built on the same beliefs that power Pax Americana. The only difference is the weaponry available.