Sweet baby Jebus, I’ve had enough of this shit called winter.

The temperature is hovering about -15 with the windchill and the “forecasters” have rolled their chicken bones and recited the ancient incantations and have decided that we’re getting more snow tomorrow. I expect to be playing golf within the next 5-6 weeks but the period between then and now is gonna be a biatch. Everytime Mamma Nature gives us a half decent day and a little snow melts, the vindicitive crone turns around and snatches any hope we have by bringing another Prarie Clipper our way. Freeze, thaw, freeze, more freeze and protect the metallic monkey. Enough already!!

Screw Koyto, I’d sell my soul for a little bit of that global warming right about now. I used to really love winter but lately the idea of retiring somewhere warm, wearing my high-wasted sans-a-belts and checking out the early buffett is looking really looking appealing. Oh my God, I’m turning into an old man. Can shuffleboard and Geritol be far behind?

In less than a month I’m off to Switzerland for a business trip. I’ve got a funny feeling that it’s going to be a whole lot warmer there than Toronto. Right now, I’d mush a dog team in the Iditarod just so I could be warmed up by canine farts.

2 thoughts on “BE GONE DAMM WINTER!

  1. Well, dunno if you stop over in my cold country, but if you do, make sure you give me a ring beforehand ok? //Jeroen


  2. I’d love to Jeroen. Unfortunately, I fly out of Toronto Saturday night, change planes in Frankfurt and then off to Zurich. A full week of meetings and fly out the next Saturday at 7am.

    God I love business travel.

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