Jetsgo, Canada’s third biggest airline quietly folded its tent last night stranding thousands of passengers just as they were preparing for Spring Break travel. Not too suprising when you realize that Robert LeBlanc, Jetsgo’s front man was also involved with Canada 3000 that pulled the same trick a few years ago.

I had the misfortune to fly with this crapline a few times and finally told my assistant not to book any more trips with them no matter how cheap the flight. The aircraft were dirty, noisy and prone to flight delays. The flight attendants had that look that says “I’m only working here until I can find a job with a real airline, or McDonald’s goes to 24 hour drivethrough service”. Friends of mine in the aviation business told me months ago that Jetsgo was under investigation for poor safety and maintenance records.
Jetsgo’s gone now and, though I’m sad for all those families who have had their vacations spoiled, I’m glad they went before they literally crashed.

2 thoughts on “JETSGONE

  1. Re: Jetsgo demise.
    Another G.D. frenchman from F-ing Quebec screws the rest of Canada again!!!
    The west should separate from Canada and distance ourselves from these useless frogs!!
    Several members of my family were screwed out of money paid to Jestgo because of this
    dumbass frenchman.
    Ask me if I’m Bitter.
    Redneck Westerner

  2. Redneck,

    I really hope your meds kick in. Just kidding. Greed has no nationality or mother tongue. Sure LeBlanc received some consideration from the government of Quebec but I’d like Ottawa to take a closer look at how businesses like this are run. I would think that a company that is charged with the safety of the public would have to submit financial statements, whether they’re private companies or not. Everyone knew Jetsgo was in trouble but I don’t think anyone was prepared for the depth of their financial mess. If we were, no one would have taken a chance booking a flight.

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