I was sitting here in EyeNo Central Command pondering important
issues like the meaning of life and wondering whether if they find
a cure for baldness, will it be retroactive? It struck me that it’s
difficult to find the proper balance between work and relaxation when
you’ve got a blog. Keeping a blog up to date involves a lot of the
same discipline that my job entails.

This came to mind because I spent part of my day on the laptop meeeting
a deadline to get some information overseas and, when I took a break, I
immediately moved to my other computer to check for interesting items
that I’d like to put on my site. What was I doing in both cases?
Looking up information,entering into a word processor and passing it
down the line where I hope someone will find it of interest. One task
pays my bills, the other feeds my obession to keep the blog up to date.
By simple definition, both would count as “work”.

I only went outside twice today, both times I bought something (I am Consumer
see me spend). I did chores, I cooked lunch and supper and I watched some
golf. At no time was I any further than 20 steps from these computers.
Even now, I’m trying to watch a terrible Sci Fi movie while typing this.
How many millions of keystrokes have I logged in the last 1/4 century.
Scary thought.