Spent part of the day yesterday assembling our new gas grill. A Weber “Silver C” that is probably about 3 times larger than we’ll ever need. Don’t care, it hardly cost me anything. All winter, I’ve been saving all the toonies and loonies and managed to hit our 6-49 pool twice at work so I ended up with about $900 without any pain.

Hopefully tonight I’ll grill a couple of steaks just to try it out. Of course I’ll probably freeze my nuts off. Temperatures during the day are consistently above freezing but they drop quickly once the sun goes down. Don’t care, still got to give the new toy a workout.

Jan is frantically looking for the first Robin of the season. I guess it’s not really spring until she sees the bird for confirmation.

John Z and I went to a driving range this morning to whack balls and see how many muscles will complain later. The Jeep is washed and looking fine.

Screw the Robin, spring IS here. At least until the next snowfall.