!@(/spring2005/spring2005_4.jpg:R240 A short walk around our subdivision to see how spring is progressing. Like dinosaur bones on a wind swept Albertan hillside, the garbage of last year is emerging from the ice and snow. Water bottles, pop cans and dog shit seem to be the legacy of 2004 as far as debris is concerned. Spring really can be an ugly time of the year. If it wasn’t for the promise of things to come it would be depressing watching the cast offs of our consumer society rising from their deep, cold slumber.

!@(/spring2005/spring2005_1.jpg:L240 All through Brampton you’ll find what the city likes to call “Greenbelt”. Really it’s just a place for the water to flow when it rains and the storm sewers overflow but once in a while you do find some beauty. The creek here is muddy from the runoff from the roads, full of sand and salt but the bushes that line it are trying their best to get started for another year. Lovely red branches amid the snow and dirty water. A hint of green in the grass – yes life is renewing.

!@(/spring2005/spring2005_6.jpg:R240 More green, this time as lichen on a tree that leads a hard life. In the middle of a flood plain, shopping bags caught in its branches and root deep in mud and polluted water. Still, it’s a hint of color that is good to see after so much white.

!@(/spring2005/spring2005_7.jpg:L240 Aah, young love. Some ducks stick around all winter now so I don’t know if this couple has returned from the South or never left. Doesn’t matter, he’s noisy and she’s playing hard to get. Hopefully soon they’ll have a new family and the cycle of life will continue.


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