First round of golf for 2005 was played this morning. Shot a horrible 51 but I’ll blame that on the crappy greens that have been areated but not rolled or cut yet. It was so good to stand at the first tee and see the whole season before you. I’ve missed golf horribly all through the long winter and I don’t care how bad my game is early as long as I have the chance to get out with friends and enjoy the walk.

Got back into Toronto yesterday at about 2:30. We were delayed in Frankfurt for an hour due to bad weather and sitting on an aircraft for 9 hours took its toll on my body. Another reason why it felt so nice to hit the links this morning. Stretching tired, stiff muscles gave way to that great experience where you can really feel your body. Your senses are heightened and you truly feel alive.

The rest of day is reserved for watching the final round of the Masters and doing all the laundry that comes from a week long business trip. The bodyclock is still a little out of whack (hit the sack at 8pm yesterday and was up at 4 this morning). Things should be back to normal tomorrow.