A whole week between posts. If you ever wonder how busy I am, just check the frequency of addtions from EyeNo Central Command.
Spent all week in a training course that was continually interrupted by administrivia. By Friday I was ready to go postal on the next person that said “I need a minute of your time”.
Why should I care now? I’m on vacation. Sorta. Wednesday I have to fly to Montreal for a meeting and I don’t get back in until near midnight.
Yesterday morning (Saturday) I got early and hit the golf club around 6 a.m. Had a great 9 holes (shot a 44) and thought I had the world by the tail. This morning, went out again, endured a 3 hour frost delay and shot a 55. God, I hate this terrible and unfair game.
So this week I’ll get in a few more rounds, do some yardwork, fly to Montreal and get Jan ready for her trip to Edmonton next Sunday. She’ll be gone until Thursday and then I fly out on the Saturday to Quebec City to attend some meetings for the week. Is it any wonder that it feels like someone has increased the speed of all the clocks?