Another week without posting. Perhaps it’s time to give this thing up.
Supposedly I had a week of vacation last week but with business trips to Montreal (a 18 hour day), conference calls, emails and other interruptions it wasn’t much of a vacation.
I only got to play golf twice last week which is something of a record. With so much on my mind, the scores were terrible and I seriously considered giving the game up. Of course, I’ll forget about this on Sunday when I’m teeing off at a resort course in Quebec. I fly out Saturday for some managers meetings and we’re arriving a day early so we can get a round in.
Threw Jan onto a plane on Sunday. She’s in Edmonton until Thursday afternoon on one of her scheduled visits. Once she was safely off I traveled up to Wasaga Beach to spend some time with Maxine on Mother’s Day. We had a nice lunch at Blue Mountain and I did a few chores. She’s an amazing woman and I can only hope to be as active when I reach her age. Came home yesterday afternoon to find that one of the TVs decided to commit suicide so today it was off to Costco for a new one.
Last Friday, the boss called me to give me some horrible news. One of our coworkers, a young vibrant man of 31, passed away Thursday night. His brain exploded and I can only hope it was a quick, painless passing. This Wednesday, we make the long drive to Kingston for a memorial service. He was well liked and this will be an emotional day.
That’s it. For those who still read this stagnant journal, you’re all up to date.
Here’s hoping things calm down because this rat is getting awfully tired of spending all his time on the little wheel. I just want to stop for a while and enjoy life.


  1. Hi Ken,
    Would the employee be anyone I might know?
    I would think it unlikely as I didn’t know that many of
    the Brampton people.

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