This post is NOT coming from Montreal. I’m at home on a very hot Sunday instead of working my ass off on the project that was scheduled to be taking me away from home for 10 days. The project got cancelled and I can’t say I’m sorry.
I was getting so stressed over this thing that I thought I would burst. The last few posts here have been so negative that I really didn’t feel like getting back online and saying anything for fear that it would be more gloom and everyone would think “What a pathetic little whiner!”. It’s OK folks, no more self endulgant crap.
Summer has arrived in Toronto, and how. Temperature may hit 30C today and it looks like we’re in for a week of hot, humid weather. The golf course is green and the ball rolls true.
Yesterday, a couple of friends and I convoyed up to Wasaga to pick up a bedroom suite from Maxine. A nice drive and a tasty lunch were the rewards for a little bit of hard work. Met up with Bob and Sandy for drinks and then had the boys over for supper last night – thick steaks, mushrooms and potatoes washed downed with nice cold beer. It’s been a full weekend and it’s only half over.
Speaking of Bob and Sandy, thanks for reminding me that I’ve been away from this thing for a while.