Yesterday Jan and I took her new car up to Wasaga Beach and then went out to lunch with Maxine. We headed over to the village at Blue Mountain where the Interwest group is pouring buckets of money into development.

I don’t ski but I have played the Montera golf course a couple of times and I always found the area a tad seedy and tired looking. New condos building among old chalets gave the area a schizoprehnic quality. Well, the new money is trying very hard to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. The “village” is filled with trendy stores, bars and resturants with new construction everywhere.

We had a lunch at a new place called Kaytoo and I was very surprised at how reasonable it was. They probably double their prices when the ski season starts but the food is good, the staff is pleasant and the decor is clean and very pleasing to the eye. They’re creating a lake just outside the restaurant and the patio is large and comfortable. Unfortunately, the weather yesterday was a little cool and breezy but I’m sure that they’ll have plenty of business on a warm summer’s day.

We did manage to catch a little sunny break so the top came down and we got to do a little cruising. Convertibles seem to make people smile and the ocassional toot of admiration was heard. Most of the day, however, was cloudy with scattered showers that took a lot of fun out of the excursion.

Today is another blah day so I’m hiding in the basement watching the US Open.

7 thoughts on “BLUE MOUNTAIN

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