Good morning from Zurich airport. Well, actually, it’s not that good of a morning. I got here to find that my flight is at least 2 hours late. I was going to write a post remarking on how Swiss transportation is very efficient and the trains are always on time but I won’t extend that praise to Air Canada.

I’m glad the meetings are over and I’m really looking forward to getting back home even if it is only for a couple of days before I fly out to Calgary. Anyone who says that business travel is fun should check themselves into the nearest mental health institution and should not be allowed to play with sharp instruments. The same windowless meeting room all day and the same small hotel room every night have me feeling like a rat in a cage.

Of course, there are some advantages. Last night, one of my colleagues and I went to the little town of Winterthur which is about 20 minutes by train south of Kloten, where I’ve been staying. We walked around the streets and looked in the overpriced shops and finally decided that we needed something to eat and a drink or two (or three). We happened across a little place called “La Panza Bar” on Stadthausstrasse. The food wasn’t memorable but the drinks sure were! The owner immediately latched on to the fact that we were tourists (Pablo is from Argentina) and proceeded to show us how much flair he has when creating and serving cocktails. He started us off with Swiss chocolates that he injected with some sort of liqueur using a huge syringe. Mighty tasty! We tried a couple of his other inventions though we declined the huge pitcher of something fruity and lethal that arrives at your table bubbling and steaming due to the addition of dry ice. I’ve noticed that the Swiss are, normally, very reserved so we decided to show them how North and South Americans party, aided by our host.

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So, here I sit in the Oasis lounge (another perk of business travel) near gate E57. Waiting for the big white bird to show up and take me home. Can’t understand why I have a bit of a hangover.

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  1. Of course I didn’t want to spoil your fun eye, but as you brought up the subject of language…. Kloten means balls, yes, as in testicles. 🙂 🙂 Enjoy and stop by when you have the chance

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