As Toronto melts into its 3rd week this summer of high temperatures and higher humidity, I’m almost glad that I have to spend most of my Saturday in the computer room. One of the nice things about mainframes is that they need a shit load of cooling and that’s a good thing right now.

I teed off at Peel Village this morning at 5:30 and I was sweating buckets by the time I reached the first green. The temperature was already 25C with the humidity making it feel more like 31C. The sun wasn’t even up yet!! Shot a 46 for nine holes which isn’t bad considering I could hardly hang on to my clubs.

So here I sit backing up a system and waiting for the propeller-head from IBM to come in and install some additional memory in our main AIX server. With any luck I’ll be out of here by 1pm and can get home to watch the British Open.

One thought on “HOT! HOT!! HOT!!!

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