5 more years of Dr. Phil??!! So it seems.

5 more years of this asshat’s cornpone advice. I’d rather listen to nails on a blackboard than one more minute of this blowhard dispensing his pearls of wisdom to people who would be on Jerry Springer if their wardrobe was a little more low-rent.

And, of course, this means more millions for Oprah who is responsible for pulling this guy out of his strip mall office in Bugsquat Texas.

2 thoughts on “PLEASE GOD NO

  1. You won’t believe this, Ken, but I actually have a pretty good respect for Dr. Phil – I’ve just finished reading his latest book Family First, and I believe he has a few good ideas, not necessarily his own, that he organizes fairly effectively, and I also believe he’s sincere.

    Now, should he be one of the most popular authors and TV personalities of all time? Probably not, but he’s sure no Jerry Springer.

  2. Hey Chirs! Good to hear from you. I have a problem with his “pop” psychology. The wife was watching him the other day and he was trying to solve a marital problem by sending the husband out for a day at the spa. Nice treat but hardly the solution for the problem.

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