Played a great round of golf yesterday.  I was taking part in a scramble put on by one of our suppliers at Conestoga Golf Club near St. Jacob’s and I came within 2 feet of carding a hole in one. Short par 3 with the flag sitting at the crest of a ridge and I hit a nine iron that landed on the edge of the green and then released up hill.   Felt great.
The whole day was fun with a few clouds and pleasant temperatures.  Our foursome was out for a good time and we had lots of laughs. 
When I got back to the hotel, it was straight into the whirlpool for a relaxing, but noisy, soak.  Slept like a log until the lightning and thunder started at about 3am this morning.  Incredible light show and lots of rain.  Might be a little soggy shopping today before we head back to Brampton this afternoon.