My sister, Susan, passed away Saturday morning.  The demons can’t attack her any longer.
Just a month shy of her 51st birthday, Susan’s life was tough and painful and I can only hope that she is at peace now.  She refround her faith in the last few years and I’m sure she found some solace in her beliefs.  For the rest of us, it’s a life cut too short but, at the same time, we can stop worrying.
Susan’s demons lived in the bottle and their siren songs were too much for her to resist.  Her body fought and fought against the ravages but, finally and mercifully, she lost the battle.  Her struggle was hard and the toll it took on our family was intense.  We all knew the call would come in the middle of some night and, when it came, we weren’t surprised but it doesn’t ease the loss.
Susan and I had a falling out over her drinking and I’m ashamed to say I never visited her and Alan in all the years they lived in England.  Infrequent phone calls were either tinged with love and humor or anger and bitterness.  I told her I loved her during our last call and I meant it.  I didn’t love what her disease did to her but I always held on to the memory of a woman who loved to laugh and had a childlike manner that drew people to her.  She was smart, she was kind and she was lovely but it was hard to see those qualities when the demons were at the controls.
Sleep peacefully sister.
Maxine, her friend and I will be flying to England next week for the funeral and a memorial service will be held here later.

A memorial gathering will be held in Mississauga on Saturday September 10th. details

One thought on “THE PAIN IS OVER

  1. Dear Ken and Maxine,
    I am so, so sorry to hear about Susan and feel your grief. I had many an enjoyable time with Susan in the past but was always sad about the demons inside of her.

    I don’t know what else to say except what you have said already – she is at peace.

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