Well we all survived the ceremony yesterday.  I nearly lost it when I was reading my pieces in the church. Everything was fine until I looked at my mother and her grief and pain tore my heart.  
The service was beautiful.  We were met at the front of the church by a Scottish piper.  Susan’s coffin was draped in a Canadian flag; 2 nice touches.  The church, which was built in 1843, seemed to have everyone from the entire village in attendance with lots of friends and relatives as well.  
The ride to the crematorium was long due to traffic but the ceremony there was brief.  Then it was back to the Pilgrim’s Inn for a celebration for Susan.  I met lots of people (whos’ names I unfortunately immediately forgot), we had a few drinks and a little nibble and everyone generally had a fine time remembering Susan’s humor, warmth and love.
All in all, a wonderful but very emotional day.
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