Kenneth Jones

Today we spent the day in downton London shopping on Regent Street, exercising the London transportation system (more on that later), having dinner at the Strand Palace Hotel and a pint and a nosh at The George Pub on The Strand.

At the George, we met this character. Kenneth Jones, 79 years young, and the absolute perfect Englishman. Ken (as he prefers) is a singer at the RAF church just off the strand, a job he has had for 37 years. Funny, very polite and an absolute joy to talk to.

When he found out that we were from Canada, he asked if we knew his 2 cousins who live in Milton which is about 35 km from where I live. As luck would have it, my father once owned a lumber yard in Milton and, though we don’t remember his cousins, it certainly goes to show what a small world it is.

What about the transportation? We’re now officially experts on the London Underground. Due to construction on the Picadilly line, we were forced to improvise so here’s how you get to Charing Cross Station and back. First, take the Picadilly Line from Hatton Cross to Acton Town. Then you transfer to the District Line and head for Ealing Broadway. Now take the Central Line Eastbound until you get to Oxford Circus. Quickly transfer to the Bakerloo train headed Southbound which finally gets you to Charing Cross.

Being all cocky, we decided to try another route home. Back on the Bakerloo Line going Northbound this time. Hop off at Paddington Station and catch British Rail’s Heathrow
Express that takes you to the airport. Walk about 5 miles up and down escalators and stairs until you get to the bus terminal. Grab the 285 and get off at the hotel.

Whew! We should have gotten frequent flier points. The London transportation system is fantastic (construction aside). Well laid out and easy to follow once you get the hang of it.

Tomorrow, we’re getting an early start and heading to Covent Garden. More shopping and then it’s off to the London Eye for a high tech view of the city. After that, we hope to grab a cruise on the Thames.