Dear Mayor Fennell
Madame Mayor, I would like to commend you on your administration’s steps to force the residents of Brampton to cut down on their use of fossil fuels by ensuring that the act of driving anywhere in the city is so onerous and frustrating that we consider putting our automobiles on blocks and pulling the dusty ten-speed out of the basement.
Last evening (Friday September 23rd), I had occasion to drive from the outskirts of Georgetown to the Rutherford Steeles area.  The trip was uneventful until I reached the Shopper’s World plaza at the corner of Steeles and Hurontario.  The construction here, which has been going on since the invention of the horseless carriage, is a monument to mismanagement and a total lack of regard for the need of your constituents to travel from point A to point B without having to pack emergency rations.  Why the entire intersection and a 2 block surrounding area is completely torn up at the same time is beyond my understanding but I’m sure your administration has a good reason.  Perhaps it is to help businesses that rely on a constant stream of broken suspensions and warped wheel rims keep their heads above water, the children in the latest fashions and their winter homes in Florida fully stocked.
As fascinating as the Steeles/Hurontario project is, it is just one of a growing number of exciting initiatives you have undertaken.  The Queen Street/Dixie Road fun ride is another stellar example.  Constantly changing lane markings, days of inactivity followed by furious work timed to coincide with peak traffic flow and poorly timed traffic signals have given me hours of enjoyment.  Having attempted to go North on Dixie at 5pm, I can fully understand the plight of those who were forced to endure multi-hour journeys as they fled the coast of Texas in advance of hurricane Rita.
I could go on and on but I need to check my Jeep for today’s damage.  Keep up the good work!
A loyal taxpayer,
p.s.  How’s the new Arts Center coming?  Nobody will ever use it but it sure looks lovely.
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