Two days to go before I board the big  white bird to jet off to the land of chocolate, clocks and smoothly running trains. Aaahhh Switzerland.  Where the streets roll up at night and the windowless meeting room looks like a meeting room anywhere.
Another 12 days in a small hotel room with horribly expensive internet connections and overpriced breakfasts.  This time, I might be able to get out of the Zurich area and actually see some mountains close up.  Or maybe not, I might have to do some system work next weekend which would pretty well screw up any local travel plans. 
The packing process has begun in earnest.  Jan and I have a saying when we’re getting ready for a trip “If you forget it, you’re buying it”.  You’d think by now that I would be a pro at this thing but I always have the nagging suspicion that some vital item is going to hide only to call out to me as  I board the aircraft.  Hell, this time I’ve even made a list!!
Air Canada is joining the global move by airlines to limit the weight of checked luggage.  This adds another challenge as I prefer not to wear the same clothes multiple times.  So somehow I have to come up with pairings for 7 days of meetings, 3 days and evenings of casual wear and all the essentials of the grooming and electronic variety and come in under 50 pounds.  The shoes and toiletries weigh the better part of 10 pounds.  Suits are bulky and I have no idea what the weather will bring over 2 weeks so a heavier jacket is called for.
I read somewhere (and I’m too lazy to find the link) that a good idea for long trips is to bring the old socks and shorts that you’ve been meaning to toss out but haven’t got around to yet.  You wear them and then throw them out, I’m sure the cleaning staff will love that.  At the end of your trip you’re left with enough room to pack the souvenirs and business paperwork that you’ll be bringing back.  This time I think I’ll give it a try.
Time to get back to the list.