[thumb:350:l] (Click any picture to enlarge)The author on Mt. Titlis in Engleberg Switzerland. An incredible view. The temperature was about 1 degree C and the clouds rolled in and out the whole time we were there. After a 45 minute cable car ride (3 seperate cars including one that revolves as it climbs), we were treated to an incredible view.

[thumb:352:r] This picture shows the last of the three cable car runs returning to the base of Mt. Titlis with the village of Engleberg in the background. At 10,000 feet in height, breathing gets a little bit difficult and you really feel the pressure change as you come back down.

[thumb:351:l]The trip from Zurich to Engleberg passed through Zug and Lucerne and the view is spectacular all along the way. I’m glad I decided to take this excursion and I’ll probably be posting pictures for a while.