Took the day off work today in lieu of Thanksgiving which I missed last week in Switzerland.  A beautiful Fall day with plenty of sun and light winds.  A great day for yardwork.  We had heavy frost this morning so I had to wait a few hours before I could attack the large tree in the front yard which after months of shade decided to drop its leaves faster than a $20 hooker drops her skirt.
Fire up the new leaf blower and gather everything at the front of the property so the city can come pick them up.  Cut the lawns, hopefully for the last time.  Clean the last of the windows so we can get as much sunlight as possible in the cold months to come.
It’s supposed to be rainy and cool for the next week and it looks like this weekend’s golf could be a little damp and chilly.   Idiot me will be out there, time is running out and I’ve missed a few games because of my travels.