[thumb:483:l]Yesterday, I took a co-worker who’s been here from Switzerland down the QEW to see Niagara Falls. I can’t remember the last time I was there and the falls are just as majestic as I remember them. Sadly, the only time I see them is when a visitor is in town and you forget just how they take your breath away.[newline]

[thumb:484:r]The day was perfect for mid-November and we walked along the gorge and then up to the Fallsview Casino which really does a great job of obscuring the view (unless you’re a high roller staying in a “comped” suite). The new area is not nearly as tacky as the old tourist area, which we visited later, but trying to make southern Ontario look like Las Vegas isn’t going to work and is a waste of time. Anything worth looking at in Vegas was built by man. Niagara Falls was built by nature and time.[newline]

[thumb:486:l]Later, we headed back into Toronto to get some souvenirs for his young relatives and we had some time to kill. Stopped off along the Lakeshore where we ran into this solo swan looking for handouts. Canada geese and gulls were in abundance but this big fellow really stood out as he serenely glided by.[newline]
[thumb:487:r]The skyline of Toronto with the sun already starting to set.

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