Over at Flickr, someone has posted the 1979 Sears Wishbook.

Let’s assume that the young fellow in the red jacket and vomit-inducing slacks was 8 at the time this picture was taken. That would make him around 34 now. He married his high-school sweetheart who he impregnated during a wild party after the football team won the county championship and he’s now a father of a young teenager who feels that Dad doesn’t understand him.

Dad is a Republican and feels that GWB deserves another, hell a few more, terms in office so he can clean up the world. Kids today don’t know what’s good for them and it is reflected in how they dress. Back in his day, young boys were stylin’ and didn’t talk back. No Sir, if Mom wanted you to wear a tablecloth and the carpet in the basement, that’s what you did and you were happy to do it! Insanely happy! The fact that you resembled a ventriloquist’s dummy last seen at a seedy club in a rundown town in South Dakota didn’t faze you in the least.