Another Federal election for Canada.  I guess all 23+ million of us asked Santa for 2 months of bafflegab and bullshit on our Christmas list this year.
So now we get to listen to promises and attacks.  Along with garish Xmas lights we’ll also get to see candidate signs sprouting up through the snow like demented weeds.  Red, blue, orange and whatever colours the fringe parties choose will add to the festive season.
The Liberals are crooks.  The Conservatives are bible thumping Reformers in disquise and the NDP are just plain dangerous.  I’m not forgetting the Bloc but since their agenda is Quebec-centric I won’t spend any time on them.  Well..maybe a little.  A party that has only one goal; the separation of Quebec.  The choices are terrible and the end result will be another minority government that relies on Jack Layton and his merry band of socialists for their daily existence.   The end result will be another election within 2 years.
Paul Martin has been an ineffectual Prime Minister and the stink of corruption that envelopes the Liberal party almost demands their being kicked out on their fat asses.  Of course, the only way to do that is to vote for Stephen Harper and the “new” Conservative party which bows down towards Crawford Texas every morning and accepts every word that weasel George W Bush utters as gospel.  Jack Layton is a decent intelligent man who just happens to lead the party that could bankrupt the country in 18 months.
What to do?  I always vote Liberal and I probably will again.  This doesn’t mean I’m not going to listen to the campaign promises but it would take a miracle to support the others.  I’ll go to the polling station, hold my nose and make my little X and say a prayer for Canada.