I’m well known for being a little sour on the whole Christmas thing.  It’s not the holiday – who could be against a few days off?  No, it’s the commerical crassness of the season that burns my Yule log.  When dinosaurs walked the earth I had the misfortune to work in retail environments and late November and December were my least favorite months of the year.
Peace on Earth and good will to men?  Hardly!  Trailer trash mothers with idiot kids in tow fighting with each other and abusing the staff.  Six weeks of terrible music (how many ways can you sing the same damm 10 songs anyways?).
You’ll have to bear with me over the next few weeks as I deliver little lumps of coal and heap abuse on politicians, religious leaders and anyone else who comes to my attention with their hamfisted attempts to screw up what should be a time of happiness and joy.  You have been warned!