DECEMBER 10, 1951


[image:506:l]On December 10, 1951, Time Magazine profiled the DeWitt Wallaces on their cover. They were the editors of Reader’s Digest and, I guess, a big deal at the time. [newline]
The same day, Life magazine’s cover showed a casual Harry S. Truman. [image:505:r][newline]
It was a Monday and that evening everyone gathered around the black and white TV to watch episode 9 of the first year of “I Love Lucy”. Ricky brings home a rented mink coat for his act and Lucy jumps to the conclusion it is a surprise gift for her. Lucy simply milks this simple premise for everything it is worth, ending up in one of the best early crying jags for her character as the coat is taken away to be returned.

Italy’s first true jet, the Fiat G.80, made it’s maiden flight. The Nobel prizes are awarded on this day every year. In 1951, Léon Jouhaux of France won the Peace Award.

Louis Saint Laurent was the Canadian Prime Minister, Labatt Blue had first been introduced earlier in the year and the first Canadian troops had been sent to Korea to take part in the little “police action” that had just gotten underway.

Hmmmmm….what else happened that year? Oh yeah, I was born.

7 thoughts on “DECEMBER 10, 1951

  1. And may I be the first to leave a comment saying “HAPPY BIRTHDAY EYENO!” As far as I’m personally concerned, all the worldwide events had little impact on my life directly … but you’re popping into the world has.

    Well, except for maybe “I Love Lucy”… 🙂

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