The calendar has delivered a shiny new year. Untarnished and ready to be filled with whatever life brings.

Last night, we said goodbye to the old one. More like good riddance. The enduring memory of 2005 for me will be, of course, the death of my sister. A tragic end to a long, long saga. The outpouring of love shown by the members of her small community goes a long way to ease the pain but will never subdue it completly. I will always remember looking up as I was reading at the funeral and seeing my mother and the crushing loss that was in her eyes. For 2006, I wish her and David all the happiness that can be packed into 365 days.

There are good memories of the year just gone. Standing on top of a mountain in Switzerland. Seeing London for the first time, even if it happened because of Susan’s passing. New challenges at work and the shedding of most of the dreary responsibilities that made each day such a pain in the ass. Time with friends and family. Jan’s love. Two fat, happy cats.

Now’s the time that I’m supposed to trot out my resolutions for 2006. I have some but I won’t be sharing them. A clue would be that they can all be summed up by the resolve to do no harm.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year.

One thought on “HAPPY NEW YEAR

  1. Happy New Year Ken…

    This is something that an older gentleman on my Beardie List wrote. It reflects my sentiments:

    Quote from Jim Sullivan, Oregon

    You know, when you reach a “certain age”, and you’ve managed to live another year, you’re not sure whether to be sad or happy.
    Each “New Year” is a new beginning, but it’s also another mark on the way to finding out what happens next.
    I’m grateful that I lived when I did. It’s been an amazing era and I’m glad I was here to participate in it. No one really knows what comes next, and I’m not too anxious to find out!
    Thanks to all the “Beardie” folks who have made these past few years so enjoyable and so much fun.

    May your New Year be filled with joy and happiness and may all your fondest dreams come true!


    Jim and Gwynn Sullivan
    Retired persons
    in: Medford, Oregon

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