Hopefully Without the Exploding Option


The first car I ever owned was a 1972 Pinto. I’ll wait a minute until the laughing dies down. Are we through yet?

Actually, the second car I ever owned was a 1973 Pinto. My wife version 1.0 decided she wanted to drive so the ’72 with its manual transmission had to go. They were both good cars and the second one got me across Canada from Vancouver to Toronto in just under 3 days. In February. With one driver.

What triggered this spell of nostalgia? Word from the Detroit Auto Show that GM is bringing back the Camaro from its still fresh grave. I guess the success of Ford’s redesigned Mustang got the designers thinking that lightning can strike a few more times. Of course, Ford also revived the Thunderbird and that didn’t last very long but, since the Big Three ran out of new ideas about the same time that Honda stopped being synomomous with crap, they’ve got to keep running just to stand still.

So now we can expect a mad rush of “New” “Old” brands because, as we all know, marketing types cannot shift gears until they’be beaten the shit out of an idea.
The 1976 Pinto? Who knows, it might give the Corvair a run for it’s money.