Hold Nose, Vote, Wash Hands


Just got back from casting my ballot at the polling station. I’ll be flying to Cincinnati on voting day so I took advantage of the advance poll. There seemed to be a steady stream of people exercising their right which is a good sign.

With just over a week to go, it’s looking increasingly likely that by the time I get back from the US Canada will have a majority Conservative government. The Liberals are paying for a dozen years of lacklustre, if not criminal, rule. Their campaign so far hasn’t inspired any confidence in their ability to bring significant change and it really looks like they thought they could mail it in, get another shot at with a minority government.

The Conservatives, on the other hand, haven’t been shy about letting us know what’s in store for Canada but I think even they are shocked by the outlook that they will take a majority of the seats. This means they’re going to be in a position that the policies they tout will have to be put into law. Dinosaurs walked the earth the last time this party was in power and no one is sure that they’ve got enough strong cabinet candidates who can pull together. The Conservative Party is riddled with factions representing both the old big-business PC wing and the predominately Western ex-Reformers with their small “c” conservative values. To liken this to US politics, you could say that it’s one party with both “Blue State” and “Red State” members. That sounds inclusive but could also be very decisive and lead to infighting and ineffectual government.

So, we can expect the hated GST (Goods and Services Tax) to drop from 7 to 6% and the 2 billion dollar boondoggle known as the Gun Registry to die. Previously announced tax cuts will be shelved and more downloading from the Federal to Provincial responsibility will mean more out of our pockets.

I voted Liberal but it wasn’t easy. It’s just that the other choices were less palatable.