Up, Up And Away


Time to put on the travelling shoes again. Holiday season is well behind us (did you find your kid his Xbox 360 yet) so it’s time to start flying again.

Next Monday afternoon the good people of Delta, if they don’t go broke first, are flying me down to Cincinnati. Interesting fact here, Cincinnati is in Ohio but the airport is in Kentucky. Anyway, I pick up a rental car and then make the 2 1/2 hour drive down to lovely Danville Kentucky. Well I hope it’s lovely. I’d never heard of the place until we picked up a new client and they invited us down to see their distribution facility. Can’t tell you who the client is but it will be an exciting implementation. The trip is a short one and I’ll be back on Wednesday night.

Three days later and Air Canada and I have a date in Zurich. Time to head back to Embrach for more training. This is the first of three scheduled trips to Switzerland in 2006. Only a week this time. If anybody’s looking for chocolate, let me know.