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Arrived back in town late last night from the quick visit to Danville Kentucky. We drove up to Cincinnati and took a little Comair RJ into Toronto. Another glorious night of flying fun.

The meeting broke up early so we made the 2 hour drive up I75 which left us nearly 4 hours before our scheduled departure. Checked in hoping to get an earlier flight – no luck. So we found a bar to grab some dinner and drinks and kill a little time. This was after getting through security where they confiscated my lighter and a corkscrew that I forgot was hiding at the bottom of my toiletry bag. Oh well.

Flight left on time. Gusty winds in Toronto meant we had to circle for a 1/2 hour as they changed the active runway. We finally landed at about 11:00. No problems in Customs (very quick for a change) and I was home by 11:30.

Danville Kentucky is just south of Lexington and is supposedly in the heart of the blue grass area. Of course, everything is brown and, yes, I know that bluegrass really isn’t blue. We stayed in an inn that was built in 1845 in the town of Harropsburg. Quaint doesn’t begin to describe this place. Everything in the inn was slanted, creaky and very ornate. Not exactly the type of place I would pick for business travel but it was recommended by the company we were visiting and the price was right. I’ll post a picture of the place when I get a chance.

One day of work before I get ready to head for Switzerland again so I’d better get back at it.

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