My Home Away From Home


10 AM CET in Kloten Switzerland. Just checked in at the Allegra Hotel. They didn’t have my reservation on file but, in typical Swiss fashion, it only took 5 minutes to find me a room.

The flight over is best described in one word HELL. A direct flight to Zurich is usually a smooth journey but this one was also continuing on to Delhi India. The entire aircraft (Boeing 767 300ER) was packed, mainly with screaming kids. The guy in the seat next to me promptly went to sleep (luck guy!) so I was stuck at the window for the entire flight. My back teeth were swimming by the time I got off.

Not much happening today. I’ll probably grab a few hours sleep and then wait for the call from my US counterpart who is arriving this afternoon. Perhaps we’ll go down to Zurich for dinner.

Weather is cold but bright. Seems that Europe is experiencing a cold snap.

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