Situation Normal, All Screwed Up


Zurich airport, 0920. Things will go wrong.

Just received word that my flight home to Toronto is delayed for “technical reasons”. No new departure time being shown yet. I know that aircraft are complicated machines but why does this always happen when I’m trying to get home? It’s just not fair.

All in all, this week’s trip was a good one. The meetings went very well and it was good to see my colleagues from all over the world again. The weather here was less than perfect and today dawned foggy once more but at least we didn’t have any snow to contend with.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we get out of here soon.

UPDATE 10:00 Now they’re saying they will have an “update” at 11:00. Luckily I have a lounge pass.

UPDATE 10:30 They just posted 11:30 as the new departure time. Hmmmm….anybody want to bet?

UPDATE 11:30 Good thing you didn’t bet me. Next update scheduled for 12:30. Now I’m starting to get worried. The crew’s duty time might be coming into play soon which would mean, if we’re delayed for a few more hours, they would need to get a replacement team before we can leave. I’d really rather not spend another night in Zurich if I can avoid it.

UPDATE 11:50 Looks like my conjecture about the duty time is coming true. Air Canada’s website now says the flight is delayed until 4pm.

FINAL UPDATE We finally got off just after 1pm. A bumpy, crowded flight. Touchdown at 4:30pm EST.