The Connie – An Update


Super Connie

After my last update regarding the dismantling of the Super Constellation that has lain neglected near Pearson Airport outside Toronto, I received a comment from Robert Bogash, Constellation Project Manager with the Museum Of Flight located in Seattle Washington.

Mr. Bogash took me to task for using the word “Scavengers” in my post title and passed along information regarding the museum’s long battle to secure the Connie, clean it up and move it to permanent display along with their other acquisitions which include the original Air Force One Boeing VC-137B, the 747 prototype and a Concorde. He is a dedicated volunteer and former Boeing employee and I apologized for suggesting that the aircraft was being torn apart or treated badly.

Bob maintains a website that is chronicling the project to restore CF-TGE.

The Museum Of Flight’s website has plenty to see and it looks like a worthwhile place to visit. I’m going to follow their progress closely and I would like nothing more than to be on hand when the Connie is unveiled.

Once again, I apologize to Robert Bogash and his associates and I wish them well in their endeavours.