Misplaced Paperwork – It’s Not Rocket Science


Word comes that all spacewalks from the International Space Station have been curtailed due to problems with missing chemical canisters that remove deadly carbon dioxide from the life-support systems of their spacesuits and a potential problem with the handrails used to keep the spacewalkers from drifting off.

One has to wonder how you can misplace something as important as equipment necessary to the production of breathable air but the handrail issue is even more bizarre. Engineers back on Earth found that the handrails in their testing facility have shown abnormal degradation due to problems in the manufacturing process. However, they’re not sure if the handrails on the ISS have the same issue because they’ve LOST THE PAPERWORK!!. Now that’s just scary. One of the most complicated structures ever built is orbiting above our head and they’re having trouble with their filing system?

CNN story

UPDATE: Seems they conducted tests and the handrails are OK! (story) Still no word on the missing chemical cannisters.

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