No one has ever accused me of being good with my hands. I have about as much mastery over hand and power tools as I do over my golf clubs. In other words, not much.

Last year we decided that 2006 would be the year that the kitchen gets remodeled. Knowing my skill level, the decision to have it professionally done was simple. Our local Home Depot was chosen to handle the project and numerous design meetings ensued followed by the outlay of a large amount of money. A week ago the work started.

Since last Thursday the following has taken place:

  • the old kitchen cabinets were leveled in a fury of demolition.
  • – new outlets for a built-in dishwasher and under cabinet lighting were installed
  • – the fuse box was replaced by a modern circuit breaker panel (this included 9 hours without power last Saturday)
  • – 28 cartons of new kitchen cabinets arrived from Ohio and took up residence in our living room
  • – the kitchen and entry way floors were tiled and grouted. This 3 day project required gymnastics to get in the house, into the living room and up the stairs to the bedrooms
  • – the delivery of a new dishwasher and combination microwave/range hood
  • – a workout for the garbageman

Jan and I have been living with a fridge in the dining room, coffeemaker on the dining room table and a lot of take-out food. The cats go from abject terror to curiosity everyday. The neighbours are getting pissed off by the amount of traffic on the street – from tradespeople to semi-trailers delivering items.

Today, the installers arrive to move the new cabinets in. Then we wait 2-3 weeks for the granite countertops to arrive. Once they’re installed, we still need to have the backsplash tiled and the electrical work finished. Since we seem to love chaos we’re going to continue right along and have the living and dining room carpet ripped up and replaced by laminate flooring. Finally, paint the entire house including the ceilings.

I’ve been documenting the entire process and I’ll post the pictures as we get closer to the end.