The Kitchen Project


We’re 1/2 way through the kitchen reno and it’s time to start sharing the photographic evidence.

Where We Started
About Time To Go

Where we started. The original cabinets (with doors painted white in a failed attempt to tart the place up). The countertop was replaced a few years ago and why we chose white is beyond me. Impossible to keep clean.

More Bare Walls
Bare Walls

All the cabinets gone in a frenzy of demolition. Amazing how big the room looked at this point. Interesting echos too.

1/2 Way There
1/2 Way There

Now it’s starting to take shape! The cabinets are in. The over-the-stove microwave/exhaust fan is installed and working. Great little unit; when you start the fan, the whole exhaust unit slides out. The gas range has been reconnected and moved back into place and the refridgerator is finally out of the dining room. Unfortunately, we won’t have a sink until the granite countertop arrives on the 1st of May so we just dropped the old countertop back in place so we would at least have a workarea.

Counterops and paint still to come. At least we’re on the plus side.