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I’m of an age where I remember the promises made to us by science fiction writers and futurists. Flying cars, robots at our beck and call and a new culture fueled by free renewable power where our only concern was how to spend all the free time that would be ours. Somehow these dreams didn’t quite become the reality of today.

Sure, robots are building cars (running on fossil fuel – what happened to hydrogen power?) but the cars are still firmly fixed to the freeways in their eternal gridlock. All the leisure time we were promised? Boy did they get that wrong. A 50 hour work week now seems like a semi-holiday. I’d be happy to work a 5-day week.

We should be on vacation this week but job pressures killed that idea before it began. We’re going to try for the first week in July but neither Jan nor I are willing to make any plans. It took 20 years with the company for us to earn 5 weeks vacation and now half the year is gone and we haven’t taken 1 day yet. That’s just wrong and I really want to find those old men and kick them right in their crystal balls.

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