139 Years Young


139 years ago, a band of misfit, malcontents and drunks created a place called Canada. Today we celebrate that event with our yearly fit of patriotism and flag flying. Families from hundreds of birthplaces from around the world will join together in parks all across this wonderful country and wonder where we’re headed. We’ll eat too much, drink one more than we should and OOH and AAH at the fireworks tonight. Today, we will all be Canadians.

Tomorrow we’ll revert back to our hyphenated heritage and head out to the mall to make up for the shopping day we lost because of the holiday. Just us who are stuck in the city. The lakes, parks and cottages are full of happy sunburnt faces and per-capita consumption of beer will rise a pint or two.

The Canada of 2006 is a country of diversity and promise. It’s also a country of conclaves, economic disparity and a lack of national direction. We won’t worry about that this weekend. Happy Birthday Canada!!

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