Hot Enough For Ya?


Hot. Damm hot! It’s hard to dispute Global Warming when the temperature is hovering at 33 degrees with the humidity making it feel more like 40.

Environment Canada says that 2006 is, so far, the warmest year on record and I believe them. Played golf at 6am today and by 7:00 it was already getting steamy. Both air conditioners, a dehumidifer and a fan are running to keep the house barely comfortable and I’m sure the electric meter is spinning fast enough to generate its own power if we could somehow harness it. Hmmm…. there’s an idea!

Toronto has 10 “official” beaches and only 2 of them are open because of all the shit floating around. Ok, they call it “fecal matter”. Perhaps they should take the gloves off and call it what it is. Seems the torrential downpours of last week just caused the waste treatment plants to give up and dump the crap right into the sewers which drain right into the same lake that supplies Toronto the majority of its drinking water. Not that I’d swim in Lake Ontario or drink Toronto tap water unless I was really desperate.

Hot weather and I have never gotten along; I’m more of a Spring and Fall kind of guy. Makes me wonder why I ever left Vancouver. Oh yeah, I remember, the whole town is full of what is floating in the lake right now. Smug bastards who look down their noses at you when you mention you were born in Ontario. Half of them have never made it all the way down the freeway to Hope and yet they feel knowledgable enough to pass judgement on the rest of the world. Scenery’s nice as long as you don’t have to listen to the population. When you’ve lived in or travelled to as many places as I have, that narrow provinical attitude gets old really fast. A lot of Americans have that same fault but they’re grand enough to extend the view to cover the 48 contiguous States.

Where was I? Hot. Damm hot!! Tonight, I’ll sleep in our air conditioned bedroom and tomorrow I;ll take my air conditioned Jeep to my air conditioned office and we’ll all complain about the heat and do our very best to stay indoors. Hard to believe that in 5 months we’ll be getting ready for Christmas and probably bitching about how cold it is. Weather – without it, Canadians don’t have much to talk about.