A tale of two anniversarys


Tomorrow marks the anniversary of two very important events.

The first will mark 24 years of marriage. Jan and I are comfortable, happy and contented. We’ve built a good life. We have a cosy little home that will be all ours in less that 2 weeks. Two cats to provide companionship and laughs. A lifestyle that keeps us together while allowing us time apart to pursue our individual hobbies. We still love each other. All you could ask for.

The second anniversary marks a year since my sister Susan died. This will be a tough one. I still remember the phone call, the frantic trip preparations, the packed church and, the most vivid memory of all, the devestated look on my mother’s face. It’s not like we didn’t know she was very ill but you’re never really ready for the loss of a daughter or sister at any age.

So tomorrow I’ll get out early for my regular round of golf. I’ll get back early and cuddle the wife. Then I’ll make that phone call to my mother and we’ll share some memories and some tears. A roller coaster of emotions.

Do me a favor? Hug your spouse. Call your mother and your siblings. Think of those you love but who are no more. Remember.