Thoughts On A September Morning


Outside, the last remnants of the “storm” caused by Earnesto are wetting the lawn. The hype, as usual, failed to live up to the actual event. That’s not a bad thing but a good out and out window shaking howler would actually be easier to take than 48 hours of gloomy drizzle and occasional showers.

I woke up this morning at my normal horribly early time, took one look out the window and went back to bed. Normally, I would play golf in weather like this but the pre-dawn had a depressing feel to it so I opted for an extra hour or so of sleep. Tomorrow is another day.

Early September, in the parlance of the air travel industry, is a “shoulder” month. Changes abound as the summer season winds down and prepares to hand the baton to fall. Some trees are acting as harbringers and their leaves are starting to turn. The sky looks so different at this time. On sunny days, the blue is paler. On cloudy days, the overcast feels lower. Squirrels have a desperate air about them as they scurry across the lawn like shoppers who have arrived just a little too late for the early bird sale.

Waking to darkness foretells the coming months when daylight is a precious commodity that we squander sitting in offices lit by the cold glare of flourescents. The summer’s tan will slowly fade to the pasty hue of winter.

A gloomy post for a gloomy day. Tomorrow the Sun is supposed to reappear. All will look brighter.