The Calm Before The Storm?


Come Fly With Me

Took this picture yesterday from the top of the CN Tower. Below is the Toronto Island Airport. Peaceful right? Less than 2 weeks from today, Porter Airlines begins 10 daily flights to Ottawa and some residents are mighty unhappy.

Flying brand new Bombardier Q400 turboprop aircraft, Porter is either going to revitalize Toronto’s downtown or turn it into a noisy, dangerous nightmare depending on which side of the fence you stand. Toronto’s mayor David Miller is a vocal opponent and the project is fast becoming a defining issue in what was, up to a few weeks ago, a boring election race.

I don’t live anywhere near the Island airport. But I do live near its big brother, Pearson International. Yes we hear aircraft on a daily basis. I work between the 2 East-West runways and am treated to a constant stream of arriving or departing traffic when the wind is right. The sound is such a part of my life that I still vividly remember the days following September 11, 2001 when nothing flew. The silence was deafening. But, I don’t find the daily drone annoying. I’m a airplane junkie. Love flying on them, love looking at them, love hearing them.

Sure, the concerns of downtown residents probably have some validity but I really hope that Porter is successful. A city the size of Toronto deserves 2 airports and the convenience of a downtown airport will be a boon to the business and entertainment industry.

But I’m left with 1 question for Mr. Deluce (president and CEO), why the hell did you choose a raccoon as your mascot? Thieving, sneaky rabies-carrying varmints. Not a homeowner in the GTA has escaped these marauding pests. Perhaps it was a little dig?