An Airline Loyalty Plan That Pays You Not To Use It


In what must surely be one of the strangest bits of logic, the airline loyalty card AEROPLAN is now offering to pay you the princely sum of $3.00 not to collect points while flying Air Canada on a Tango fare ticket. This comes on the heels of the announcement that Aeroplan miles now have an expiry period.

I’ve been an Aeroplan member since 1996 and we’ve gotten a few free flights out of the program. Next year, we plan on doing a tour of the Canadian Maritime provinces to celebrate our 25th anniversary and we’ll burn some miles for the flights. On a flight to Montreal, a Tango fare will get you 250 Aeroplan miles which isn’t much since you need 15,000 of them just to get the same 1 hour flight for free.

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