Changing Times


Years and years ago (over 30) my father bought me my first 35mm SLR camera. A Pentax K1000 that took lovely pictures.  I played with it and took a lot of good pictures.  Then came the digital age.  Quick, uncomplicated and great for taking quick shots with acceptable quality.  Gone were those trips to the photofinisher.  All you needed was a computer.

My first digital was a massive Nikon with an unbelievable, at that time, 3.34 megapixels.  Took pretty good shots at 800×600 and I used it for  hundreds of shots while travelling.  It was big and bulky and hard to fit into a bag but still able to preserve the memories.

Last year, I purchased another Nikon, the Coolpix 7600.  Great little camera.  7.1 megapixels and not much bigger than a pack of cigarettes.  Good quality output but so small that it’s hard to hold.  Very limited options but, all in all, still a perfect unit to throw in the backpack.

(Pentax K1000 and Nikon 7600)

Still I missed the ability to frame a shot and pick the settings needed to get those perfect pictures with definition, depth of field and lighting effects.  I missed it until yesterday.

My 2006 present to me is the new Nikon (yes I’m in a rut) D80 digital SLR. 10.2 megapixels, full camera control plus numerous automatic settings. Expensive – yes.  Extravagent – definitely.  Steep relearning curve – you bet.

You know what this means?  Plenty of pictures are going to show up here or over at my Flickr Page.  I give you fair warning.      (Old Pentax and New Nikon D80)