Message To K-Fed: 14:55..14:56..14:57…


Forget the elections, here’s the REAL news of the day.  Britney Spears has filed to divorce her husband Kevin Federline (sorry, K-Fed).

The former dancer and erstwhile rapper can now resume his life of total obscurity and give the rest of the world a break.

Of course Kevin could make a few million from his new album that has been receiving such wildly enthusiastic reviews on  Just a few examples:

  • “Do you want to laugh? And I mean the kind of deep-down, uncontrollable, belly laugh that leaves your sides so sore that it hurts to go poop later? **THIS** is the album for you. “
  • “I purchased the CD because I thought I might get some laughs out of it. I was pretty wrong. It just made me violently sick and truly disappointed that this guy got a record contract.”
  • “So i heard the single of this “album”, it made me want to commit suicide.”
  • “The noise that my grandparents make when they are having sex is better than this album” 

Or, perhaps not.  Sure hope he signed a pre-nup.