90% Increase In Lost Luggage


Report that  that the number of bags lost by major US airlines has increased by 90% since last year.  The blame is being placed on stringent security measures introduced in answer to the reported terrorist plot uncovered in Britain earlier this year which resulted in a 20% increase in checked baggage.

I call bulls**it.  Using the plot as the excuse covers up the fact that the airlines are still trying to get away using the same staffing and methods that served them during the period of decreased traffic after 9/11.  Loads are way up and one way to grab more of the dollars that come with it is to keep the costs down.  Manpower is one of the most significant costs of any business and “do more with less” is a mantra espoused by every MBA grad.

Lost luggage is an inevitable part of air travel.  I’ve had golf clubs misplaced on a trip to New Orleans and I was lucky enough to get them back.  You try to get away with carry-on only whenever you can but the new stricter rules make that almost impossible if your trip means an overnight stay.

Where does the lost luggage go.  A lot of it ends up here.