One Mars Explorer To Help The Other


NASA is planning to use the newly arrived Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (pictured below) to take pictures of the 10 year old Global Surveyor in hopes to determine why the aging craft has stopped communicating. (STORY)

Think about that for a second.  Two spacecraft over 200 million miles from Earth will be brought to within 93 miles of each other.  We may have become jaded when it comes to space exploration but every so often something comes along that makes you just want to say WOW!!

In related news, the annual Leonid metor shower hits its peak this weekend and astronomers predict that this year’s show could be spectacular with activity of 100-600 meterors per hours between 11:45PM and 1:33 AM (EST) Saturday night.  Might be a good chance to check out the DSLR’s long exposure capabilities.  That is if the damm weather cooperates.