A Day In The Woods



Yesterday, I spent the day up a Wasaga Beach catching up with Maxine and David (and the animals of course).  Had some time to kill while they were out running errands so I set up the DSLR and remote to catch some pictures of the Chickadees at the feeder in the back.  They’re really hard to catch as they don’t like to stay long.


Patrick was the only one home as the dogs love to go for a ride so we had a long talk while he tried vainly to keep both eyes open.  He’s a fearless hunter and loves to chase chipmunks but they’ve now gone to hibernate and he’s happy to find a warm spot to stretch out and sleep like the angel he isn’t.





Maxine and David finally showed up.  I guess this is the first official portrait of them along with Nikki (left) and Alex.  Nikki is the newest arrival who joins Alex who has been Maxine’s companion for years.  Alex is the tough one.









All in all, a very nice day.